Feds remind online daters to beware of romantic scammers

Romantic scam

A Nigerian man is in trouble with the law. He conned money from online daters, and feds say it’s a “years-long romance scam.” The man pleaded guilty to scamming around $400,000, which most of it got taken from people he met on Facebook and dating apps.

The Nigerian national known as Augustine Amechi is over the age of 18 years old could go to prison for 10 years if it’s true that he conned money from people.

Amechi lived in Huntington and went to Marshall University at the time. He went on online dating sites and social media to meet victims. Amechi had a plan. He tricked people into sending him money for “a variety of false and fraudulent reasons.”

Amechi borrowed money from victims. He said that he would give the person the money back, but then he didn’t. He really wants money, but when chatting with the victims, he also pretends to want other things. He used different names for victims, and in one case he pretended to be a lieutenant in the army. The deception was that he told the victim his platoon had discovered a gold mine and prepared to buy it from its previous owners. He then fraudulently induced the person to send him money, promising to leave the Army, return to the U.S. and marry her.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in West Virginia announced this on November 29th. The prosecutor said that Amechi cheated at least 37 people. Amechi received money from victims. About $108,601.92 came directly to his bank account. He got a lot of money in cash packages that were mailed to his house and also a lot of money through a digital wallet app called Zelle. He got about $150,000 in cash and over $140,000 in Zelle payments. He kept some of it for himself and then wired the rest to others.

A few days ago, Amechi entered into a plea deal, agreed to pay $192,762.19 in restitution. His sentencing is scheduled for March 7, 2022.

Since 2020, people have to reduce physical contact due to Covid-19. As a result, online dating has developed rapidly, and there are more and more romantic scams.

Not long ago, a woman in Utah was swindled out of $74,000 by a man she met on a dating app. The man asked the woman to invest in Bitcoin. The woman paid in three different installments amounting to $74,000 to invest.

Court documents obtained show, a fraud report was taken over the phone by deputies in Summit County. The complaint says that she met this person over the dating app, and that man cheated money from her. The case is still going on, and deputies are looking for evidence.

Currently, An unnamed 38-year-old man from Denver was arrested in connection with the case, for Screening for Witness Tampering and Electronic Communication Harassment.

Through these cases, we can find that anyone who asks you for money through a dating app or social media is likely a romantic scammer. Learn “How To Spot An Online Dating Scammer”.



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