Is it possible for a sugar baby to have open relationships?

Sugar daddy and sugar baby

Increasingly people who are open-minded are preferring sugar dating for their relationships. One of the main benefits of sugar dating is that both partners do not have any unrealistic expectations which often leads to disputes and dramas. At the start of the relationship itself, the sugar babies are aware that they have to take care of their sugar daddies, providing love and attention since the sugar daddies provide financial assistance and help them in other ways like providing gifts, career help.

Since both the sugar daddies as well as the sugar babies get what they want from the relationship, they are usually happy. However, some inexperienced sugar babies often have queries about sugar dating. One of the most popular questions these new sugar babies ask is whether it is possible to date more than one sugar daddy during the same period? The sugar babies also want to find out if they can have a traditional romantic relationship with their boyfriend while dating their sugar daddy. Experts believe that sugar babies can also date another person while having a sugar daddy, but it also depends on the sugar daddy and/or boyfriend. Some of the questions which a sugar baby should answer to make a decision on her relationships are listed below.

- Does the sugar daddy object to his sugar baby dating other sugar daddies?

Typically most sugar daddies are powerful influential men with big egos. Some of them may object if their favorite sugar baby is dating other sugar daddies, since confidential information may be leaked. These sugar daddies may tolerate traditional boyfriends in some cases. Young women who are not honest regarding their sugar daddies with their main sugar daddy, may find that their favorite sugar daddy ends the relationship. This could also affect sugar dating in the future for the sugar baby.

The best solution to prevent this problem is being honest from the beginning and asking the sugar daddy whether he allows his sugar baby to date other men. If the sugar daddy has no objection, the sugar baby has full freedom. In other cases, the sugar baby should start looking for a new sugar daddy who is more tolerant or take the risk of being caught with another sugar daddy.

- How to remain a sugar baby while having a boyfriend?

Many young women have a traditional boyfriend and also want to be sugar babies. In this case, also, it is advisable to be honest about the sugar daddy, since the financial assistance, gifts he gives will be revealed after some time. If the boyfriend really loves the sugar baby, he will be understanding and allow her to do what she wishes. In some cases, the relationship may become even more interesting if the sugar baby and her boyfriend, agree to open relationships.

- How the sugar baby feels about open relationships?

Some young women can easily find open sugar daddies through the featured sugar daddy dating sites. They are dating several men simultaneously, one is a conventional boyfriend, other may be sugar daddies. These sugar babies enjoy the support and attention which they are getting from multiple men, they can make more money. However, other women are monogamous. So each sugar baby should understand her own feelings, perceptions of the issue and then make a decision. In the 21st century there are no legal restrictions on sugar dating and having multiple partners, it is the personal choice of the sugar baby, how she feels about this.

- What is the sugar daddy’s opinion?

Sugar babies are expected to keep the details of the relationship confidential. In some cases, the sugar baby may tell her closest friends including her boyfriend, family what she does to supplement her income. The sugar baby should never provide professional or business information about her sugar daddy, the private aspects of the relationship. Statistics indicate that a significant number of sugar daddies, more than 40% are married, and even single sugar daddies, may not want their relationship publicized. It is recommended that the sugar baby should take the permission of her sugar daddy before sharing information about him with others.

Ultimately the sugar baby should listen to her conscience, and be honest with her partners, both sugar daddies and others. While starting a relationship with the sugar daddy, it is advisable to get the clarifications required and avoid misunderstandings later.



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